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Question: I'm being harassed by another user! Will LJ Abuse come to my rescue?

Answer: Well, that depends on several important factors:
  • If the harassing user is part of the ljdrama crowd: your abuse requst will be answered within 24 hours. The user in question will be immediately suspended and an investigation (lasting anywhere from seven to three thousand days) will begin; during this period of time, the harassing user will create several fake journals and harass you incessantly until you feel the urge to hack at your wrists with a butterknife.
  • If the user is posting pictures of people from nonuglies in the nouglies community: your abuse request will be ignored for at least three to seven days depending on whether or not the person in the picture is a closeted homosexual.
  • If the harassing user posted something about you in ljconfessional2: your abuse request will be honored within three minutes and the harassing user will be monitored 24/7. Furthermore, you will still be allowed to make posts regarding the harassing user and the harassing user will not be able to do anything about it; when the harassing user finally posts something mentioning you and/or your journal, the harassing user will be immediately terminated and all friends of the harassing user will be monitored for a period of at least (but not limited to) three thousand days.
  • If the harassing user violates something in the LiveJournal TOS that isn't specifically mentioned but there is some sort of vague reference to the offense: your abuse request will be honored as soon as someone from LJ Abuse constructs an email that twists the TOS around to make it sound like the offending user has done the most heinous act imaginable; this process could take anywhere from three to six minutes.
  • If the harassing user made a fake journal for the purposes of harassing other users without being detected; and, if the harassing user posted a fake suicide attempt in their fake journal: your abuse request will be honored within three days. One of the LJ Abuse staff members will track down the harassing user's IP address and contact the proper admins (your boss, your school administrators, your mother, etc.) and rectify the situation by attempting to spill LiveJournal-realted drama into the harassing user's real life.
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    Okay people. This is dafaq. I suggest you read the userinfo first.... It'll tell you what this is, if you haven't figured it out yet. And if you haven't figured it out yet, then this place is JUST for you!!!!!!!11one

    If you have any D.A. FAQ suggestions, COMMENT HERE,....

    kthxbye <3
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    annoying font overrides

    Font Face/Name/Family

    *da example* Do you think it's cute to post with the font
    "Super Ugly 2k1"? Guess what... nobody has it. we can't see that
    font. we'll just see the default font anyways.

    *idea* Don't override your font. If you MUST override your font, use a
    typical readable font.

    *howto* <font face="verdana">..foobar..</font> 
    or  <div style="font-family: verdana">..foobar..</div>

    *new example* ..foobar..

    Font Size

    *da example* Can you read this? I can't. I sure don't
    want to read your entry if it's this tiny.

    *idea* Use a NORMAL font size!! And no, This
    isn't better.

    *howto* simply don't use the font size tag.

    *new example* (none)

    Colorful Text

    *da example*

    i bet you love reading this line right here.

    Why? Because it has a font color override. A white background and a white font
    do not mix well. it's not cute to use colors. If I can't see your blue text
    on my blue friends page background, I skip it. It must not have been very

    *idea* don't override your font color. If you do, force a background
    color as well.

    *howto* <div style="color: white; background: black">..foobar..</div>

    *new example*


    Other Solutions

    *forcing font on your friends page* - thanks to quasidan