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annoying font overrides [Jan. 17th, 2003|02:18 am]
da FAQ!



Font Face/Name/Family

*da example* Do you think it's cute to post with the font
"Super Ugly 2k1"? Guess what... nobody has it. we can't see that
font. we'll just see the default font anyways.

*idea* Don't override your font. If you MUST override your font, use a
typical readable font.

*howto* <font face="verdana">..foobar..</font> 
or  <div style="font-family: verdana">..foobar..</div>

*new example* ..foobar..

Font Size

*da example* Can you read this? I can't. I sure don't
want to read your entry if it's this tiny.

*idea* Use a NORMAL font size!! And no, This
isn't better.

*howto* simply don't use the font size tag.

*new example* (none)

Colorful Text

*da example*

i bet you love reading this line right here.

Why? Because it has a font color override. A white background and a white font
do not mix well. it's not cute to use colors. If I can't see your blue text
on my blue friends page background, I skip it. It must not have been very

*idea* don't override your font color. If you do, force a background
color as well.

*howto* <div style="color: white; background: black">..foobar..</div>

*new example*


Other Solutions

*forcing font on your friends page* - thanks to quasidan

[User Picture]From: jackola
2003-06-28 10:49 am (UTC)


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